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We wish to draw your attention towards the following about our social activities. Regardless of all our social and economical actives like Woman Self Help Group, Distance education, Uplifting the Tribal, the Special feature of Mahatma Gandhiji Seva Sangam (77/98) is Padmasri Dr.Sivanthi Athithanar Special School for the Mentally Retarded (SI.No:280/2014 Govt.of. Tamilnadu) registered with NATIONAL TRUST (Ministry of social Justice & Empowerment, Govt.of.India)

Established in the year 2006 with 10 students, have 65 students at present – from sivagiri, Visuvanathaperi, Remanathapuram, Thesikampatti, Arulatchi, Puliankudi, Sinthamani and Tharugapuram in and around Vasudevanallur situated in Western Ghats at Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu, India.

The students are bifurcated into four categories based on their IQ ( Intelligence Quotient) and learning skills are trained by 5 approved qualified Special Teachers meant for this purpose.

A full time qualified Physiotherapist is also appointed for exercise and training of the students. To relax the mind and increase the concentration power, Yoga is also taught.

A technically trained teacher is also appointed to train students between 18 to 35 years like Tailoring, Hand graft activities, Soft toys making Activities etc.

30 students are provided with hostel facilities with free meals with one warden and one Ayah (Care taker). We doesn’t collect any fees from students. Two Vans-donated by Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Ltd., and State Bank of Travancore – are operating to transport day scholar students.

This school is run in Rental Building. We also propose to construct own building in a vacant site of lacre and 84 cents to be purchased in the nearest future.