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  • Personel skill Achivement-(Personalcare).

  • Social skill achievement-(Respect to others)

  • If any one achievement to take their Quarterly, Half Yearly duration training programme.


  • Academic skill Achievement-(Identification,Name telling,Fruits and vegetables name telling,Rhymes and story telling).

  • Recreation Activities.

  • colour concept

  • Addition / substraction (any digital method)

  • Reveational Activities

  • Reepetive / Expressive Language


  • Personal skill(Cleaning,Bathing)

  • Social skill(How to act public places)

  • Academic skill(Name & Address,Writing,Reading)

  • Recreation Activities

  • Cutting / Pasting / Basket making training

  • Sports activities / Planting / Community based activities


  • Personal skill(Washing,Saving,Dressing,House Keeping)

  • Social skill(Family and Common function attending,Room arrangement)

  • Academic skill(Traffic rules,Reading 3 letters and 4 letters words,color concept,Drawing,Maths Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication)

  • Recreation Activities(Outdoor games,Indoor games)

  • Money counting

  • Training related to their future life  (Earning purpose only)

  • yoga

  • We won the prize for Inter School Competition / District level Compation.

  • Physiotherapy needs to their correction of their deformity. We provide correction with splints, Regular Medical Checkup, Especially Blood test, ECG test, According to our district collector order.